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About Us

Corporate Culture

Hannahong mission
Improve enterprise management system, so that the annual output value increased by 15%. At the same time, we should accelerate the transformation of technological machine, tap the potential of the enterprise and expand the cost at low cost. Gradually replace the backward production process, take the lead in achieving technological innovation in the same industry, and break through the difficulties of production capacity.
We should strengthen technological innovation, develop high-tech products and speed up the industrialization of patent products.

The spirit of heaven

Diligent and enterprising,pragmatic development and serving the society.

Business tenet
"People first, win by faith, win by quality". People-oriented is to customer first, staff satisfaction; sincere to win the letter is to say that people are sincere, the enterprise is unfaithful; to win by quality is to say Hannahong to build quality brand, quality to establish credibility, quality to win customers.

Management of Hannahong
"Strict", "precise", "high", "clear", that is, strict management, personnel to be precise, high wages, clear rewards and penalties.

Hannahong promise

We can make products with better quality and more reasonable prices, and provide better services.

Hannahong target
Making full use of advanced production technology at home and abroad, constantly changing, seeking new and constantly innovating.
Make Teeyeo brand bigger, stronger and better.